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Hot and blue

Booker Gliding - Mon, 05/07/2018 - 22:10
Record breaking weather it may be, but it's not very good for cross country flying so most of the action has been training and trial lessons. Steve gave it a go on Saturday and dropped in on the ridge field on the way back, to be greeted by some handsome black cattle.

Today the hangar was emptied and the fleet parked out in the trailer park to make way for the event taking over the airfield on 11th and 12th May - our hangar will be one of the exhibition halls.

From Thursday 10th May to Sunday 13th May all solo flying will be at Thame, where we will be guests of the Upward Bound Trust. There will be a K21 available there for check flights.
Back to normal on Monday 14th May.

Breaking News: Mystery Behind Tut’s Tomb Revealed, Spokesperson & Visuals Available

National Geographic News Feed - Sun, 05/06/2018 - 15:10

**Breaking News**

It’s Official: Tut’s Tomb Has No Hidden Chambers After All

The third radar scan of the pharaoh’s burial site conclusively shows that no additional mysteries lurk immediately behind its walls.

Spokesperson and Images Available

Recent radar scans of Tutankhamun’s tomb conclusively prove that there are no additional chambers or passages behind the walls of the famed pharaoh’s burial chamber, Egyptian officials announced today.

This stunning conclusion marks the end of an investigation which began in nearly three years ago, when Egyptologist and National Geographic grantee Nicholas Reeves theorized that the tomb of legendary 18th-Dynasty queen Nefertiti may actually be hidden beyond the walls of Tut’s 3,300-year-old tomb.

To read more about this amazing discovery, read the full story here.

Kristin Romey, National Geographic archaeology expert, is available for interviews out of Washington, D.C.


Press Contact:

Kelsey Taylor, kelsey.taylor@natgeo.com, 202-912-6776

The forecast was right

Booker Gliding - Thu, 05/03/2018 - 20:21
Today the forecast promised good XC weather - and it delivered. The launchpoint was busy with single seaters heading off on task and two seaters being used for training. Even the T21 came out to take to the air.

Meanwhile, John Hubb was working hard on the clubhouse, scraping off the peeling paint and applying a new coat of wood stain. He also renovated the picnic tables. There is still a lot to do, so anyone with a paint brush is welcome to join in. Thanks for your efforts, John,

One panel complete. The supervisor appears to be making tea.
Nice smart picnic table.

Media Alert: National Geographic Interactive VR Story Among First Experiences Published in Facebook’s New React 360, an Interactive WebVR and 360 Content Publisher

National Geographic News Feed - Wed, 05/02/2018 - 18:35

***Media Alert***

National Geographic Interactive VR Story Among First Experiences Published in Facebook’s New React 360, an Interactive WebVR and 360 Content Publisher

News announced today at F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference in San Jose, California

Check out National Geographic’s newly updated interactive story, “Explore the World’s Biggest Cave From Your Couch,” HERE

At F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference in San Jose, California, the social media company shared updates on React 360, an interactive WebVR and 360 content publisher. Experiences made using the technology can show up across the web and in people’s Facebook News Feeds, effectively bringing virtual reality to its more than two billion members—no headset required. 

To showcase this feature, Facebook worked with National Geographic and is showcasing an updated version of a 2015 National Geographic interactive VR story. In it, readers are invited to take a virtual tour of Son Doong, a recently discovered cave in Vietnam, believed to be the world’s largest. 

“In the social media world, this is a big deal,” says Martin Edström, the photographer and National Geographic Explorer who originally captured the 360 photo spheres of Son Doong for National Geographic. “Now people can literally walk through the largest cave in the world without leaving Facebook.”

 Son Doong is believed to be the world’s largest cave passage and is estimated to be between two and five million years old. It’s more than three miles long, with numerous chambers large enough to hold an entire city block of New York skyscrapers. Being the world’s largest cave, Son Doong contains many appropriately gargantuan formations, including the 200-foot “Hand of the Dog,” which might be the world’s largest stalagmite, as well as baseball-sized “cave pearls,” a type of speleothem that’s typically much smaller. 

Large scale tourism companies have begun to threaten the preservation of this world wonder. To Martin Erdstrom and other researchers around the world, this new Facebook feature is seen as a powerful new conservation tool. 

Check out National Geographic’s newly updated story on React 360 here

Spokespeople and visuals available.

Press Contact:

Anna Kukelhaus Dynan, anna.kukelhaus@natgeo.com, 202-912-6724

Media Alert: National Geographic Launches “Domesticated,” A New Online Hub Dedicated to Pets 

National Geographic News Feed - Tue, 05/01/2018 - 15:11

**Media Alert**

National Geographic Launches “Domesticated,” A New Online Hub Dedicated to Pets 

Spokesperson and Images Available

Today is the first day of National Pets Month and to celebrate National Geographic has announced the launch of “Domesticated,” an online hub dedicated to all kinds of domesticated animals. This hub will be a collection of stories, photos, and videos about the latest in pet science, how pets evolved, how pets work for us (i.e. therapy dogs), and demystifying our pets’ behavior! 

To kick off the launch of this fun and informative series, National Geographic has shared a number of videos and stories on everything from dogs and cats to the more exotic household pets. Check out the latest stories below:

Why Your Dog Freaks Out During Thunderstorms—And What to Do

Meet the World’s Most Expensive Pet Fish

Why Are Dogs So Friendly? Science Finally Has an Answer

Playful Photos of Well-Loved Dog Toys

What if Everything You Think About Cats Is Wrong?

For more information on the hub and to follow along with the most recent stories, visit natgeo.com/domesticated.

Christine Dell’Amore, National Geographic senior director of Animals, is available for interviews out of Washington, D.C.


Press Contact:

Kelsey Taylor, kelsey.taylor@natgeo.com, 202-912-6776

The Big Four: Exploring Spain by Superyacht

Super Yachts Charters - Tue, 05/01/2018 - 11:00
The Big Four: Exploring Spain by Superyacht With a growing focus on Spain - be it through new events, luxury destinations or chartering new grounds this season - we honour the upcoming ‘Superyacht Show’ in Barcelona by taking a look at the key points of the region bringing yachts back to the waters time and time again.

Travelling from the Cote d’Azur to one of the most celebrated new cruising grounds on the charter and yacht experience maps today means a journey of world-class food, ancient history and breathtaking backdrops. With two choices of mooring via superyacht in either OneOcean Port Vell or Vilanova Grand Marina, starting your journey across the coast of Spain in Barcelona is the perfect break away from the usual haunts of the Mediterranean.

Activity of boats mooring in Barcelona has faced an incredible rise thanks to the best service based brands entering and growing the region’s yachting infrastructure (i.e. OneOcean Port Vell and Vilanova Grand Marina), offering unparalleled accommodation and direct access to the city.

The architecture of Barcelona itself is an amphitheatre to discovery, surrounding visitors with an artistic legacy with nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Park Güell or the Sagrada Familia, both designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, are renowned examples while the Gothic Quarter - combined with the luxurious shopping and dining opportunities, this city will keep adventurers busy for days.

Palma de Mallorca
The largest island of the Balearics - located just a short stretch from Barcelona - Palma has been a luxury yachting hotspot synonymous with sailing and charter for decades. Marry this with countless michelin-starred restaurants, exclusive bars and elegant nightlife, and Palma becomes a slice of the St. Barths lifestyle in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Home to the Superyacht Cup regatta, the Palma Superyacht Show (which closes its doors today after a successful run) and numerous marinas built to accommodate everything from pleasure crafts to 150-metre yachts, Palma is a mainstay of the Spanish yachting boom.

Port Denia
The quintessentially Mediterranean landscape of Denia, and the easy 45-mile passage to Ibiza, makes this mainland luxury escape a growing choice for yacht charterers and owners looking for a lifestyle fuelled by freshly caught seafood, exemplary nightlife and exclusive hotspots.

Speaking with Albert Morell, General Manager of Port Denia, in a recent interview, we discussed some of the hotspots that make the region what it is: “Denia has become a destination in itself, famous for huge collection of restaurants and tapas bars. There are 4 marinas in Denia - 3 for smaller yachts and our 'Port Denia' for superyachts 30-138m with over 2000 berths overall, so it offers a yachting lifestyle with services to match.

Exploring Port Denia (along with the easily accessible michelin starred restaurant, five-star hotel and two golf courses), means the 2015 UNESCO City of Gastronomy becomes an idyllic stop to cruise the waters of mainland Spain before heading over to the island of Ibiza.

Ibiza and its sister island Formentera are harsh rocky isles teeming with abundant wildlife and a rich history; but, with a booming interest of yachts heading to the region and a new push in infrastructure, this exclusive hotspot is getting new attention from the global elite.

Thanks to developments such as Sovren Ibiza building a new epicentre to the island to harbour a new social scene on the docks of Ibiza, this island is stepping into a new era with a new image. The sophistication of Sovren Ibiza offers high-grade marina facilities, luxury residences and a private airport only 15 minutes away, yachts of up to 185-metres can now make the most of this brand-new luxury initiative.

The legendary entertainment scene on Ibiza extends throughout the day and night with wide range of fashionable nightclubs and beach clubs off which yachts can anchor; making this the idyllic place to end a week’s discovery tour of the Spanish coast.

The Superyacht Show begins this week, running from May 2 - 5 in the heart of Barcelona at OneOcean Port Vell. We look forward to bringing you more from the region as the show heats up and the superyachts tie the lines in a new Mediterranean icon.

The Big Four: Exploring Spain by Superyacht The thriving superyacht hub of Barcelona (Photo: OneOcean Port Vell) Sovren Ibiza brings a sophisticated new focus to the famed party island A guide to the most up and coming cruising grounds of the West Mediterranean

A new intake of cadets joins the club

Booker Gliding - Sun, 04/29/2018 - 20:25
Yesterday the latest group of young people to join our successful cadet scheme came along for an introductory meeting. Amongst other topics they had a safety briefing.....and a long discussion about T shirt colours. Afterwards the experienced cadets have them a ride in the sim.

Meanwhile, Rob was up a ladder scrubbing the bus as prep for giving it a new paint job.

We suggested something along the lines of Jackson Pollock, which would be fun to apply, but it seems he has other plans. We'll have to wait and see.


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